Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the processing time?

Processing time before home purchase will depend on your equity ratio. To see an full overview of our processing times, please visit the “Getting started” tab.

In which way and how often do Global Housing make a valuation of the property?

Price correction will basically take place every year, after a discretionary assessment is made in relation to both parties’ share in the home. In special circumstances, Global Housing can choose to give you as a customer the benefit of a possible price increase for up to 2 years. But under normal circumstances, the price is adjusted at market price after 1 years and the remaining part can be acquired accordingly.

Property valuations are made through realtors or property agents.

How can the customer eventually buy out Global Housings share in the property?

However desired by the customer. We will like to remind that it is totally optional to buy out Global Housing from the partnership agreement. If the customer wishes to buy the company out of the partnership over time, the plan for acquisition is individually designed in relation to the customer’s desire, situation and needs.

What is Global Housing's perception in terms of home insurance and any common costs?

As far as home insurance is concerned, it is mandatory by the Norwegian law. Both shared expences and home insurance will be covered by both parties in proportion to each parties respective ownership.

What if the customer wants to sell the house?

If the customer wants to sell the house, Global Housing has a pre-emptive right to buy it. We make a valuation of the home and buy our partners share, if agreed upon. If the company do not want to buy the house, we sell it to a third party together.

How is the rental rate determined?

We determine the rental rates by comparing the price of similar types of accommodations. We then look at the standard, area and location and calculate the average. This will give us a good estimate of the market price.


We often use realtors or property agents to find the average rental prices.