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Want to buy a home without mortgage?

Global Housing offers a concept where you can buy a home in partnership with our company.
We offer a combination of partnership and rental

Only 25% equity required

House without interest

Home without mortgage

Investment Opportunities (1)

Investment Opportunities

Renting of Property

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If you want to buy a home without undertaking a loan, do not hesitate to contact one of our employees today.


Together with you, we will map your needs and find the right home in relation to your financial situation.


We offer a buy-in partnership, where the customer must have a minimum of 25% or more as equity. See example!

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I am one of the first shareholders in Global Housing. I bought a house in partnership with Global Housing in 2012. Global Housing was the only option I had to buy the house without undertaking a loan. I am very grateful that I got this opportunity. I have on top of it all raised about 1 million NOK in value increase on the property.

Amir Shakir

I have a big family but could not imagine buying a house due to interest. I rented a property for many years and paid very much in rent. I bought a home in partnership with Global Housing in 2012 when I heard about the company. Buying a home with Global Housing has made me big savings.

Jewily Ibrahim

I strongly believe in the new concept of Global Housing. This opens many opportunities for me and most people.

Ishfaq Ahmed

I have been a shareholder in this company since 2015. Today I am at a stage where I will buy my first home together with Global Housing.

Asad Jamil

Global Housing is an excellent company. Global Housing offers something no-one else does here in Norway. I fully support Global Housing.

Rubina Zahid

Global Housing has fulfilled my dream of buying a house without undertaking a mortgage. It was impossible for me to enter into the housing market in Norway. When Global Housing launched its concept of housing purchases without loan, this was almost unthinkable. But I strongly believed in the concept from the first day. I thank Global Housing and team for everything.

Nauar Akhayad
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Does the partnership and rental agreement only apply to purchasing of property offered by Global Housing or can you agree to buy property on the open market? If yes, what type of housing is Global Housing open to buy, freehold apartment or house without shared debt?

Basically, the customer is free to choose the home they want. This may be a residence from one of the projects of Global Housing, or from the open market.

However, it is desirable of Global Housing to conclude an agreement on the purchase of housing from the company’s own projects, as far as possible. Buying housing from the company’s projects will both be an advantage for Global Housing that gets a sale, and the customer who will get a good price reduction relative to the market price.

Global Housing is open to all three housing forms in the following priority:

  1. Freehold
  2. Cooperative apartment without shared debt
  3. Cooperative apartment with shared debt.

We prefer to buy freehold properties, without excluding the other options.

Is it mandatory for the customer to live in the house, or can it be rented out?

The customer is not obliged to live in the house. The partners can rent out the entire property on the open market and share the rental income in relation to their stake of ownership. But the housing must be used and cannot be left empty without creating income.

How, and how often do you determine the price of Global Housings stake in the property, in view of the increase/decrease in housing value?

Price correction will basically take place every year. But Global Housing chooses to give the customer the benefit of a possible price increase for up to 3 years. Only after 3 years a discretionary assessment is made in relation to both parties’ stake in the home. If, after 3 years, Global Housing has a substantially small stake in relation to its partner, it can be agreed that the price adjustment will be postponed for another year. However, under normal circumstances, the price is adjusted after 3 years, and the remaining stake which the customer wishes to acquire is adjusted according to the new market value.

Is it a requirement/solicitation that the customer has the intention to buy out the company, or may it be that the customer only buys housing as an investment object and sell it after 5-10 years?

It is not a requirement that the customer buys the company’s stake in the housing partnership. The customer is free to choose whether he or she wishes to acquire a larger and larger part of the house from the company by purchasing the company’s stake of the property. However, upon acquisition, the rent reduces for the customer, which implies incentive for the person to effectively buy the company out of the housing partnership.

How can the customer eventually buy Global Housing out of the partnership?

If the customer wishes to buy the company out of the partnership over time, the plan for acquisition is individually designed in relation to the customer’s situation and needs. The customer may be receiving a recurring monthly income, be self-employed who may have an annual, half-yearly or quarterly pay-out. All these aspects are taken under consideration.

What is Global Housings thoughts around housing insurance and possible shared expenses?

The company will draw home insurance as a measurement against accidents and natural disasters. Both shared expenses and housing insurance will be divided between the parties in proportion to their respective ownership.

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